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Program Management & IT Services

Program Management & IT Services

There are times when you would have embarked upon a project to drive efficiencies and transformation using Digital Technology. All large-scale programs need top-down leadership and it is not possible for business and IT leaders to focus on details on an ongoing basis.

Driving these tech-led transformation initiatives will need skilled Program Management for glitch-free execution.

Our Program Management services focus on business outcomes and deriving value. Our Program Manager will work for you and drive your projects.

We will focus on:

  • Adherence to resource utilization and governance

  • Raising red flags timely for possible course correction

  • Enabling teams for providing effective and business-friendly updates

  • Vendor management and ecosystem connect

Program Management Services would include

  • Identifying/ validating business case and expected outcome

  • Identifying right implementation partners and creation of project team

  • Leading programs team to ensure goals are aligned

  • Timely and executive reporting to Board

Our Core Strengths:

  • Familiarity with operating issues in IT

  • Experience of multi-sector, multi vendors, and varied operating styles

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