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Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO from Digizen Consulting

Progressive enterprises leverage technology for business decisions. IT is a Technology intensive function and needs unique leadership.

Leadership helps in bridging the Business-IT divide and providing a strategic direction to IT.

There is a difference between a CIO and an IT Head. Many a time, we confuse between the two roles and end up with expectations mismatch.

CIOs provide strategic direction to IT, which includes:

  • Road map for Application and Infrastructure

  • Scalability aligned to business goals

  • Team organization and management

  • Skills up-gradation and business alignment

  • Driving business-sponsored technology projects

  • Nurturing a culture of innovation, agility and develop a partner ecosystem

  • Budgeting and eliminating deadwood, focus on cost optimization, not a reduction

Organizations do need expertise in IT leadership in form of a capable CIO. However, this role might not be required full-time. Our vCIO module helps you with the services of a dedicated senior CIO-level executive on a part-time basis. The vCIO will align with your strategy and provide an impetus to the IT programs.

The services can also be availed to fill the interim requirements while your CIO is in transition. We can customize the service offerings to suit your organization's needs. This arrangement ensures complete transparency and no suspicion in minds of existing teams.

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