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Virtual CISO

Chief Information Security Officer

Having a robust and responsive Cyber Security posture is mandatory for organizations. A few organizations start with basic IT controls and groom the technical staff to take up the management of security services. This creates a gap in managing expectations and understanding.

CISO is a leadership role that provides strategic intent to the Cybersecurity program and drives the process starting from prevention, detection, containment, and remediation efforts on an ongoing basis. The toughest part is the management reporting and alignment with IT.

All organizations would need a Cyber Security posture but may not need a full-time CISO.

Our vCISO services help you in

  • Providing strategic Information Security leadership for your organization

  • Crafting a practical risk management program for Information assets

  • Identifying the right mix of people, processes and technology solutions to ensure information security

  • Providing timely, crisp, and board friendly updates on Cybersecurity management programs

  • Nurturing partnership with ecosystem for sustainable operations

We can customize service duration, hours of operations, and mode of engagement to best suit your organization's needs. Our services can also work as a seamless extension of your CISO office by providing services like internal audit, gap assessment, training, and risk management framework formulation.

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